Why Us

Why 1to1hometutors ?

Straight to the advantages:

  • Caring the Peculiarities: – Saving student from the imbalanced circumstance of group study comprising of students of various IQ and EQ levels.
  • Concentrated learning: -Tutor can focus exclusively on a single student; thereby the student will get benefited with 20 times more concentrated learning than in group study classes.
  • Adaptability: -Tutor can tune himself according to the peculiarities of students along with parental suggestions.
  • Mutual Bonding: -Student and Tutor will come under the same emotional and intellectual frequencies as the result of face to face interactions within a short span of time.
  • She for She: -Specialized lady tutors will maintain an open and friendly atmosphere for comfortable learning circumstance for female students.
  • Time-Saving: -Parents and students can get rid of unnecessary time loss for transportation and can learn within their comfort zone.
  • Radar feedback: -Interaction with parents and our student counsellor, sharing their ideologies focused on the progress of student is an added advantage.
  • Aid on Home works: -Special aid will be provided on updating home works without pending will absolve parents from unnecessary headaches.
  • Our tutors: – Our tutors are the best in the industry, who are certified, specialised, dedicated and flexible.